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Saturday, March 25, 2017



Today’s exciting days in FX are among the best ever for trading profits. Get the same briefing we offer to hedge funds, banks, central banks and other managers. You deserve the best tools available.
If you are a newcomer to FX, don’t be intimidated. You will get the hang of it but to do that, you must keep reading!
The reports were made for FX professionals, economists, analysts and traders at bank proprietary desks, hedge funds, central banks, and big multinational companies as well as the retail trader.
The Strategic Currency Briefing
A daily page report describing what’s going on in the market, technical and fundamental. Politically independent–no ax to grind. Financially independent–not “selling” you a trade.
Daily FX Futures Trading Advice
A technical-analysis based report. Recommendations include position, stops, min-max levels expected for the next day, profit targets and one full page of charts per currency. Six currencies are covered: UK pound, Euro, Japanese Yen, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar.
Get what the pros read
  • first-class analysis from a real economist and experienced FX market-watcher with 15 years of experience and no ax to grind
  • analysis by a long-time professional, not a newcomer and not a fly-by-night
  • not a broker or marketer trying to “sell” you a trade
  • morning report has simple format in three parts–prices, commentary, easy-to-read charts
  • succinct, not 40 pages long like the reports from the big investment banks
Trading report
  • always get a stop-loss and a profit target
  • multiple charts per currency every day
  • terrific track record–can compare to anyone’s track record
  • this is the blue-chip report

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  1. These events are paradise city for scalpers and day traders haha. When markets show knee-jerks like these you wonder even if they really are panicky little stockholders or if they are just trolling the markets.

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