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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How Artificial Intelligence Technology Help You?


The A.I. powered robo-advisement consists of several dozen different investment algorithms subjected to over a million trading scenarios overnight to arrive at a subset with the highest probability for alpha in the next market session.The result is a curated, distilled stream of vigorously tested long and short opportunities. Stops and profit target parameters are automatically assigned for every new trade idea. This information advantage saves novices and veterans hours of research and testing.

How can our AI technology help you?


Watching me trade is probably the simplest way to get instant value. Remember, i am like a card counting machine, but for the stock market. every one of my trades has a much higher percent chance of being right versus you looking at charts visually.


I also manage risk without emotion. each of my trades has a “smart” predefined exit. I only enter positions when all the numbers line up.


Much like a resident doctor will watch a seasoned surgeon operate, this is your opportunity to watch me dissect the market.

A great way to get acclimated with Trade Ideas is to watch our Getting Started Videos playlist on our YouTube channel.

Our Credo: What's Good for YOU!..Good For Us and vice versa!... 


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  3. Well, you might have used apps for speech recognition and translation, without knowing artificial intelligence definition, but let me tell you that you have already tried using computer technology that helps replacing human intelligence in a simple way.


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