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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ALERTS: Microsoft ( MSFT ) is taking the fight to Google with its rumored new budget laptop running on cloud to deal with lesser global PC sales.

When you’re carrying out online stock trading involving tech stocks, it is important to watch for technological leaps. These companies could be launching new and innovative products or have them in the pipeline. These are factors that influence stock value.

Reports are emerging that Microsoft (MSFT) is planning to roll out a low cost laptop to rival Chromebook by Alphabet’s Google (GOOG) in May. This is certainly exciting news since it immediately raises anticipation levels as to how the Microsoft product would compare with the Chromebook. If it does exceed expectations, how will Google react to it? As a stock trader your question would be how it would end up affecting their respective stock values.
The Microsoft laptop, rumored to be called the CloudBook, is expected to perform better than the Surface tablet though it may not have all the features of the Surface Book. The laptop would not run on Windows 10 but on Windows 10 Cloud. It would be able to support Windows Store apps.
There is a reason for such simplicity and lack of the full suite of features. Like the Chromebook, Microsoft is targeting the CloudBook at schools and students. Unlike the Surface Book which is targeted at corporate circles, the CloudBook will be focused on the education sector. Google has also been making its Chromebook better by enabling Android apps to be run. On the hardware side Google has also launched detachable and convertible versions of its Chromebook.
This move by Microsoft is at quite the right time, since the PC market is really struggling. The first quarter of this year only saw a slender uptick, merely 0.6%, in global shipments of desktops, workstations and notebooks at 60.3 million units. This is actually the only time since 2012 that traditional PC shipments rose in Q1.
In the US, PC shipments have been hit harder, with a slight decline from last year. The primary slump in sales was recorded in the notebook PC category. The business PC market is strong though, and the growth in shipments of Google Chromebook is responsible for this. Q1 PC shipments stood at 13.3 million units in Q1.

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