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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The New TechnologyThat Make Will Drive A Massive Wave of Growth

Automotive Industry  

The VPU’s $2 trillion automotive boom. 
By and large, humans aren’t good drivers. Every year, more than 2.2 million Americans get injured in a car crash. 32,000 die. That’s every single year.  
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, estimates that these accidents also cost almost $1 trillion.  
Imagine if we could solve this. Fortunately, we may not have to imagine much longer.  

According to Google, those figures will soon be slashed by 90%. And it all comes back to the VPU.  

Because VPUs grant cars the gift of sight.

Here’s a way to understand this. With Neural Imprinting, a VPU helps “imprint” a virtual world in a human brain. With cars, VPUs work in the opposite way. 
They help imprint a real world, in a virtual brain. If you have bought a new car recently, chances are it is equipped with hundreds of sensors, as well as front and back cameras. And for more and more of these cars, the information being captured and recorded from these devices is being fed into the virtual brain of that automobile. 
It’s being fed into a VPU. The VPU is processing this real world information to create a virtual 3D map of the car’s surroundings. This way, in real time, it can identify objects on actual roads. It can detect whether the roads are icy or if rain has made them dangerously slick.  
It’s calculating the speed and distances of the cars around you. This is all being done so the car itself can make decisions about when to brake, swerve, or keep moving. This VPU can even understand the differences between various vehicles – like a passenger car, an ambulance, or a police cruiser – so it can predict driver behavior. 
That means cars are now becoming much better drivers than people ever could be. And the impact this will have could be stunning. Experts are estimating that once VPU-enhanced cars become the norm, every single year... It will prevent about 30,000 deaths.Avoid almost 2 million injuries.And save Americans a collective $900 billion. 
These cars are not a phenomenon of the future. They’re already here. 

And the next step in the evolution of this VPU technology is starting to make waves as well. I’m talking about driverless cars. Chances are, you have been hearing a great deal about these fully autonomous vehicles on the news lately.  
And that’s because in the coming years you will see a lot of them on the road.  
For instance, Google’s self-driving prototypes rely on VPU technology. And they have already traveled more than 1 million miles… the equivalent of 75 years of human driving experience. Plus, the ride sharing service Uber is beginning to explore how they can transition to an all driverless fleet. 
A Columbia University study showed that with just 9,000 self-driving cars, Uber could replace every taxi in New York. Passengers would wait an average of 36 seconds for a ride that costs about $0.50 per mile. Mercedes has already developed a self-driving concept car, the F 015.  
Using your smartphone, your car will be able to pick you up and take you to your destination, allowing you to enjoy a movie or book while you relax in comfort. Or, if you prefer to be behind the wheel, you can take control knowing that the VPU in the car’s “virtual brain” will be working to ensure your trip is safe, as it constantly monitors your surroundings to predict and avoid any upcoming hazards. 
Audi made headlines when its autonomous car drove itself 550 miles to CES in Las Vegas. BMW is developing a feature called Remote Valet Parking assist, which drops you off at your door then parks itself in your garage or on the street. And in October, Tesla released the beta version of an updated Model S car that literally drives and parks itself.  
All of these car makers – Audi, BMW, and Tesla – rely on a VPU to act as the brains 
of their autonomous features... And each of them have a long-standing relationship  
with the one company that controls this 7,300 strong patent pipeline.


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