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Friday, May 5, 2017

Stocks Analysis $TSLA and $CHK

Stocks Analysis $TSLA and $CHK

 Today we will be looking at the the Telsa and Chesapeake Energy.  

Stocks Analysis On Tesla ( $TSLA),

image of TSLA logo TeslaPrice has been pushing up to $330.  However right now we find price giving us a nice little pullback so that we can join the Trend to the upside.  Looking at the daily demand zone from 280 down to 275.  I think that would be a nice zone for price to bounce off us and for people to join the trend to the upside.  As always please make sure that price is confirming that zone on a lower timeframe before jumping into the long.  We want to ride the bus, Not jump in front of it!

Stocks Analysis On Chesapeake Energy ( $CHK)

image of CHK logoThis week, price is at a decision point. Will the Bulls hold this Daily Demand Zone or will it Break?  My thoughts are that price has been here several time and with every retest this area gets a little weaker.  Therefore I think price will break the 5.11-4.75 demand zone and will push into new lows for the year and retest the lows of last year.  Bottom Line on this one is that we will have to wait and see now the big boys want to push this thing around then jump on.  If you are going to buy it here at this point I would use small targets for your first target then larger ones on your runners as no one truly knows what the markets will do next.  

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