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Sunday, May 12, 2019


If you are doing leverage trading, this post could be very helpful to you. Currently, Bitmex is the biggest margin exchange but there are a lot of them that are coming.

We were testing one of them and today we decided to recommend it to you - This exchange is Deribit and it offers you the same opportunity as Bitmex but the fees are way lower. Why do fees matter?

The fees you will pay for entry and exit are the same but the fees you will pay for holding your position (also known as funding) is way lower.

Just to make a comparison, the current funding cost on Bitmex is 0.079% while on Deribit it is 0.019%.

This is the fee you will pay every 8 hours. Let’s say you are using 50x leverage on your trade.
The fees you will be paying are calculated on this way: fees*leverage.

So on Bitmex, you will end up paying 3.95% every 8 hours. This will be the money you will pay from your own money. If we consider that you will be paying this every 8 hours, your daily costs will be 11.85% based on the current rate. It will take less than 9 days for you to be liquidated. Isn’t that ridiculous?

On the other side, on Deribit you would be paying 0.019%*50x = 0.95% or 2.85% every day. Do you see a huge difference?

For the same trade, you would be paying 4 times bigger fees in BITMEX. It is your own money and it is ridiculous to pay 4 times more money for the same opportunity you are getting.

- ZERO downtime. You can log in anytime.
- Lightning fast API, much faster execution of trades. Meaning you can jump on the bandwagon during erratic price action.
- The system is never ‘overloaded’ during pumps or dumps.
- Cross trading with 50x max leverage.

Being long on ETHUSD on Bitmex recently would cost you a lot because funding was hilariously high which would decrease your profit drastically. Why paying more fees when you have an opportunity to avoid it.

Check it out! https://bit.ly/2WqbbUG



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